Men’s Sexual Health – Dr. Jan and Kathi Pepper (Part 01)

Dr. Jan

- What is the prostate? What does it do?
- The male prostate is...
- As men get older the prostate can ...ejaculation
- When to call the doctor…condition.
- Treatments for prostate 
- Regular prostate checkups should start
- What most men have difficulty dealing with is ...
- Relationship challenges - Lifestyle choices

muscular  man looking down in his pants
Relationships Through the Age, Kathi Pepper Seminars and Dr. Jan present:

Men's Sexual Health - Part 01

What comes to mind when you hear the word prostate?
- Cancer
- Medical exams
- Supplements
- Men getting older
What about sexual health and wellness?
Information and education is the best tool for a healthy lifestyle.

Kathi Pepper

Alternatives to medication and surgery 
• Supplements and how they work
Strap ons and why heterosexual couples are using them
Cock rings 101
Pumps – who uses them and why. Do they work and how?
Positioning furniture
Lube is your friend
• Creams

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

9 pm

Sexual Health Tips and News

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