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The Humor in Advertising

A Bit of Summer Fun With this humorous approach to introduce a topic central to many in the Kathi Pepper Seminar Series Relationships Through The Ages!

In this case, the time-frame for the music fits one of our primary audiences, the topic of vaginal dryness is one of the most frequently discussed in folks of that generation, and how do you start the conversation?

Give them a Ticket To Slide!

A form slides in from the bottom in about 10 seconds.  Type Yes in the first box if you’re interested in a free sample of Wet Personal Lubricant!

Venus Wants To Know if WordPress Is Simple

Someone asked me, “Is WordPress simple?

One way to look at this begins with some statistics about the WordPress codebase. I started investigating and ran across this article at open Hub. Net

Of course, I am going to do a bit more reading to see some of the different definitions of lines of code. With that said, after reading the article below I drew two simple conclusions.

  1. Any code community that includes over 950,000 lines of code is not too simple.
  2. Exponential growth curves indicate rapid change. Rapid change is not always so simple.

From this perspective, WordPress is not simple.